Hair removal is the elimination of unwanted hair. Laser or light-assisted hair removal is the safe, long-term solution to unwanted or excess hair for men as well as women, especially for those experiencing problems with shaving or waxing. It is suitable for most areas of the face and body. A course of treatments will leave your skin soft and smooth.

Can facial and body hair be permanently removed?

Unwanted hair can be permanently reduced with a series of laser or light-assisted hair removal treatments. The darker and coarser the hair and the fairer the skin, the more effective is the treatment. Some hair may re-grow, especially on hormone-dependent areas such as the upper lip, beard area, chest and back, but are generally finer, lighter and much less dense than before, barely visible even.

How does laser or light-assisted hair removal work?

Laser hair removal targets the pigment present in hair within the hair follicle. The energy delivered heats up and destroys the hair follicle. As the treatment works only on actively growing hairs, and most of the hairs are in a resting phase at any one time, taking turns to cycle through the growing phase, multiple treatments are required for effective hair removal or reduction. The recommended interval between treatments varies according to the site. Our hair removal laser systems (GentleMax Pro™) do not require gels or direct contact with the skin and is therefore able to reach difficult-to-reach areas that cannot be treated with contact treatment IPL or laser systems, e.g. ears, nostrils, pubic area.

Our revolutionary elōs Technology light-assisted hair removal system (e-Max ™, Syneron) goes a step beyond ordinary IPL hair removal systems. It first preheats the target using light energy, which creates a thermal path on which the radio frequency (RF) travels. RF is delivered directly to the hair follicle, which cannot conduct RF. The build-up of current density results in 4x heat coefficient thermal transfer. Under 80X magnification, distinct peri-follicular coagulation or bleaching is evident. The hair follicle is terminally disabled and denatured.

Laser or light-assisted hair removal is the safe, convenient, effective and long-term solution to unwanted hair.

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Which is better – IPL hair removal or laser hair removal?

While IPL hair removal is widely available, it is not suitable for dark Asian skin due to the risk of skin burns at standard treatment doses and poor efficacy at safer low doses. Skin burns lead to prolonged and unsightly post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It is effective in fair to medium skin and may be performed by our trained nurses under the supervision of our skin doctor for the budget-conscious.

The long-pulsed Nd:YAG laser (GentleYAG™/ GentleMax Pro™) allows for safe and effective laser hair removal in dark Asian skin. Together with the patented skin cooling anaesthesia, our laser hair removal protects the skin while reducing discomfort, large spot size and fast repetitions. No more messy gels and cream anaesthesia!

For lighter skin, our long-pulsed Alexandrite laser (GentleLase™ / GentleMax Pro™) hair removal system is fast, painless and effective. The patented skin cooling anaesthesia ensures that there is minimal discomfort during treatment while allowing high effective doses.

Who performs the hair removal treatments?

All laser hair removal treatments are performed by our lady doctor. Our IPL-RF (e-Max™, Syneron) hair removal treatments may be performed by our doctor or by our trained nurses, depending on your preference and budget.

Will laser hair removal cause ingrown hair?

Shaving, waxing and epilating are the most common causes of ingrown hair, as cut or broken hairs have sharp edges that pierce the walls of the hair follicles, causing inflammation and ingrowing. Laser hair removal is the best treatment for ingrown hair as the entire hair follicle is destroyed, and new hairs that grow out are finer and tapered at the tip. However, the shaving required before laser hair removal may lead to ingrown hairs initially in some hair follicles, but these will reduce and stop with successive treatments as the hair becomes less and finer.

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