Hair loss can affect both men and women. In men, the common hormonal pattern of hair loss occurs with gradual thinning of hair over the crown and recession of frontal hairline (M-shaped), which can progress to baldness at the crown. Women are usually affected less severely. They often notice a widening of their hair-parting line, loss of density at the crown, or diffuse thinning all over the head.

What causes hair loss?

There are several factors that can cause excessive hair loss, such as stress, hormone imbalance, post-pregnancy, scalp fungal infection, certain oral drugs, etc. Autoimmune hair loss (alopecia areata) can cause patchy hair loss or rapid loss of most or all of the hair on the head or elsewhere. Hair loss may also occur as part of an underlying systemic disease, such as lupus, thyroid disease or iron deficiency anaemia. Since hair loss may be an early sign of a disease, it is important to find the cause so that it can be treated.

A Singapore dermatologist will evaluate the patient's hair-loss problem to find the cause so they can determine whether the problem will resolve on its own or medical treatment is needed.

How is hair loss treated?

Treatment depends on the underlying cause, any contributory factors detected, and the severity of the hair loss. This may include:

  • cortisone injections in the scalp where the hair loss occurred
  • topical medications
  • pills
  • DCP immunotherapy
  • Low level light / laser therapy
  • Hair transplantation
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